VERMONT Practice Test 1

VERMONT Practice Test

VERMONT Practice Test 1

VERMONT Practice Test 2


To obtain a valid Vermont driver license, you must be at least 15 years.The Vermont DMV written test consists of 20 questions based on the basic knowledge, traffic rules, regulations, road signs and markings found in the Vermont Driver’s Manual. You must answer 16 out(80%) of the 20 questions correctly to pass the test.

1. This sign indicates:


2. This road sign means:


3. This sign warns drivers of:


4. Bicycles:


5. This road sign means:


6. This road sign means:


7. A steady yellow light at an intersection means:


8. The effects of alcohol on driving include:


9. The sign in the picture:


10. The most common cause of traffic crashes is:


11. This road sign means:


12. What should drivers do when they see this sign?


13. If you see an animal on the road:


14. Which of the following must you obey over the others?


15. This sign warns ____________ ahead.


16. When a driver has their left arm and hand extended upward, the driver plans to:


17. After passing a car, it is safe to return to your lane when:


18. Green and white signs:


19. In heavy rain, tires can begin to ride on the water that is on top of the road pavement. This is called:


20. This sign means:


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