SOUTH CAROLIN Practice Test 2


SOUTH CAROLIN Practice Test 1

SOUTH CAROLIN Practice Test 2


To obtain a valid South Carolina driver license, you must be at least 15 years. The South Carolina DMV written test consists of 30 questions based on the basic knowledge, traffic rules, regulations, road signs and markings found in the South Carolina Driver’s Manual. You must answer 24 out(80%) of the 30 questions correctly to pass the test.

1. Which signs have black letters on a yellow or orange background?


2. When turning, drivers should:


3. ___________ are green with white letters and symbols.


4. A flashing yellow light means:


5. At many intersections a right turn may be made while the traffic light is red. Before turning right drivers must:


6. Diamond-shaped signs:


7. Pentagonal signs are used to indicate:


8. What is a likely effect when you take another drug while you drink alcohol?


9. A yellow arrow means:


10. A thumping sound can be a warning:


11. This sign warns drivers of:


12. This sign tells drivers that:


13. Driver distractions include:


14. When approaching a highway-rail intersection, the first sign drivers see is usually:


15. Parking is not allowed:


16. A large vehicle is backing up to unload goods. You should:


17. If the roadway is wet, you should:


18. On a four-lane highway, slower traffic should travel:


19. Destination signs are ______ with ____ letters and symbols.


20. If you are stopped by a police officer, you should:


21. This sign means:


22. This road sign means:


23. If you are involved in an accident, you should:


24. The yield sign means:


25. If your front wheels start to skid, the first thing you should do is:


26. How can you prevent fatigue on a long trip?


27. What do pennant-shaped signs indicate?


28. This sign tells drivers:


29. This road sign means:


30. When driving in fog, you should use your low beam headlights.


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