New York Practice Test 1

New York Practice Test

New York practice test 1

New York practice test 2


To obtain a valid New York driver license, you must be at least 16 years. The New York DMV written test consists of 20 questions based on the basic knowledge, traffic rules, regulations, road signs and markings found in the New York Driver’s Manual. You must answer 14 out(70%) of the 20 questions correctly to pass the test. you are allowed to miss 2 of the 4 questions about road signs.

1. New York State has a “primary enforcement” seat belt law, which means that:


2. Never put an infant:


3. One broken line indicates:


4. Drivers may need more space in front of their vehicle:


5. U-turns are illegal:


6. If your gas pedal is stuck, you should:


7. What is the ideal steering wheel hand placement?


8. The NYS law requires drivers to use their headlights:


9. For protection, motorcyclists are required to:


10. Tires with metal studs can be used in New York State only from:


11. What should you check for when you leave an expressway?


12. If your car goes into water, you should:


13. What do flashing red lights on a school bus indicate?


14. This is:


15. What equipment must a bicycle have when used at night?


16. This sign means:


17. What does this ‘Soft Shoulder’ sign indicate?


18. In New York State, it is a traffic violation to ____________________ while driving.


19. What does a NO STANDING sign mean?


20. When drivers come to this sign, they must:


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