NEW MEXICO Practice Test 1

NEW MEXICO Practice Test

NEW MEXICO Practice Test 1

NEW MEXICO Practice Test 2


To obtain a valid New Mexico driver license, you must be at least 15 years. The New Mexico DMV written test consists of 25 questions based on the basic knowledge, traffic rules, regulations, road signs and markings found in the New Mexico Driver’s Manual. You must answer 18 out(72%) of the 25 questions correctly to pass the test.

1. It is illegal to drive below the speed limit:


2. Distracted driving:


3. If you missed your exit on a freeway, you should:


4. How many drinks of alcohol does the human body generally get rid of each hour?


5. Motorcyclists are entitled to use the full width of a traffic lane; therefore, a driver should pass a motorcycle the same way as passing another vehicle.


6. Traffic lights are normally ____________ from the top to bottom or left to right.


7. This sign warns drivers of:


8. What is the most important rule to remember in any emergency?


9. Where there is no bicycle lane, where on the road must a bicyclist ride?


10. What is the slow moving vehicle symbol?


11. When changing lanes on a highway, drivers should:


12. This road sign means:


13. ___________ are green with white letters and symbols.


14. This sign warns drivers that:


15. This sign means:


16. This warning sign:


17. This road sign means:


18. This sign indicates:


19. When the road is slippery you should:


20. This road sign means:


21. At a light rail intersection, you should always:


22. Sudden wind gusts on highways:


23. You reach an intersection that is not controlled at the same time as a driver on your right, and both of you prepare to go straight. Who has the right-of-way?


24. When driving in work zones, drivers should:


25. You should use turn signals to indicate your intention with sufficient time to allow other drivers to see the signal:



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