MINNESOTA Practice Test 2

MINNESOTA Practice Test

MINNESOTA Practice Test 1

MINNESOTA Practice Test 2


To obtain a valid Mississippi driver license, you must be at least 15 years. The Mississippi DMV written test consists of 40 questions based on the basic knowledge, traffic rules, regulations, road signs and markings found in the Mississippi Driver’s Manual. You must answer 32 out(80%) of the 40 questions correctly to pass the test.

1. This road sign means:


2. If you stop at a railroad crossing with more than one track:


3. A four-way stop sign means:


4. What does it mean if an oncoming driver flashes headlights at you during a period of low visibility?


5. This sign means:


6. Your brake lights tell other drivers that you:


7. This sign warns drivers that:


8. This road sign means:


9. You should never depend on your mirrors when you prepare to change lanes. Why?


10. This sign is used to warn drivers about:


11. If you missed your exit on a freeway, you should:


12. A steady yellow light means:


13. This road sign means:


14. This road sign means:


15. _________________ your mirrors when you prepare to change lanes.


16. This road sign means:


17. Drivers should be aware that a motorcyclist may:


18. Regulatory signs are ____ rectangles with ____ letters or symbols.


19. This sign tells drivers that:


20. Motorcyclists are entitled to use the full width of a traffic lane; therefore, a driver should pass a motorcycle the same way as passing another vehicle.


21. Blind spots around a large vehicle are _________________ than the blind spots around a car.


22. It’s 10 AM. This sign tells you that:


23. This road sign means:


24. To check your blind spot before changing lanes:


25. This sign tells drivers that:


26. This road sign means:


27. A steady yellow light means that a ______ light will soon appear.


28. Where must a pedestrian walk when there are no sidewalks?


29. Your BAC depends on:


30. If another car is in danger of hitting you, you should:


31. This road sign means:


32. This sign indicates the _______________ vehicles can safely travel in this area.


33. Which signs have black letters on a white background?


34. A driver who approaches an intersection:


35. The first sign drivers see when approaching a highway-rail intersection is usually:


36. cA thumping sound can be a warning:


37. This sign warns drivers of:


38. Are bicyclists required to obey traffic laws and signs?


39. When driving on slick roads, drivers should:


40. This sign means:



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