Alabama Practice Test 1

Alabama Practice Test

Alabama practice test 1

Alabama practice test 2


To obtain a valid Alabama driver license, you must be at least 15 years. The Alabama DMV written test consists of 40 questions based on the basic knowledge, traffic rules, regulations, road signs and markings found in the Alabama Driver’s Manual. You must answer 32 out(80%) of the 40 questions correctly to pass the test.

1. Drivers often fail to see a motorcycle headed toward them. Why?


2. This road sign means:


3. You are traveling on a two-lane road and you want to pass a bicyclist who is ahead of you to your right. An oncoming vehicle is approaching. You should:


4. Two drivers reach an uncontrolled intersection at the same time. Who has the right of way?


5. Alcohol:


6. This road sign means:


7. Roads are the most slippery:


8. What happens if two vehicles reach at the same time an intersection with four-way stop signs?


9. When driving on a roadway with a single broken white line:


10. The best way to deal with tailgaters is to:


11. Roads with double solid yellow lines in the center indicate that passing is:


12. This road sign means:


13. When approaching an intersection with a traffic control signal that is not working, drivers should:


14. If you see a “lane closed ahead” sign you should:


15. This sign warns ____________ ahead.


16. Before crossing any railroad tracks, you must:


17. This road sign means:


18. The use of alcohol and/or drugs affects:


19. Most signs used in street work areas are:


20. This road sign means:


21. You should increase your following distance:


22. What does this road sign indicate?


23. What do flashing red lights on a school bus indicate?


24. This road sign means:


25. If you continually pass the other vehicles?on a road with one lane in each direction, you will:


26. Before stopping their vehicle on the roadway, drivers should:


27. This road sign means:


28. If you remain in the back blind spot of a large vehicle:


29. Where are yield signs usually placed?


30. Give the right-of-way to any pedestrian:



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